Domicil - Residenz Hotel Bad Aachen

Terms and Conditions

General business conditions for the hotel reception contract
the EM Boarding hotels gmbh represent named hotel through the manager Kirsten Emmerich in the following

§1 Coverage
These business conditions apply to contracts over the rent wise practice exemption of hotel rooms to the accommodation, as well as all for the customer attained further achievements and deliveries of the hotel.

The under rental or expanse rental of the remaining rooms as well as its utilization to other as an accommodation purposes need the prior written approval of the hotel.

Business conditions of the customer find only use if this was arranged previously specifically written.

§2 Contract conclusions,- partner; limitation
The contract realization through the acceptance of the customer through the hotel. It stands the hotel free to confirm the room entry in writing.

Contractual partners are the hotel and the customer. If a third ordered for the customer, he sticks vis-à-vis the hotel together with the customer as an entire debtor for all obligations out of the hotel reception contract as far as the hotel a corresponding explanation of the third exists.

All claims against the hotel lapse basically in a year from the start of the knowledge dependent regular limitation time period the § 199 sec. 1 BGB. Compensation talk lapse knowledge independent in five years. The limitation shortenings do not count in claims, that are based upon an intentional or coarsely careless breach of duty of the hotel.

§3 Achievements, prices, payment, balancing
The hotel is obligated have ready the rooms booked by the customer and to attain the arranged achievements.

The customer is obligated to pay that for the Zimmerüberlassung and the achievements taken further by it in claim valid and/or arranged prices of the hotel. This applies also to achievement caused by the customer and of expense the hotel at third.

The arranged prices include the respective legal value-added tax. The period between contract conclusion and contract fulfillment exceeds increased can raise four months and the price calculated by the hotel generally for such achievements, this the contractually arranged price appropriate, at most however around 5%.

The prices can be changed by the hotel furthermore if the customer retroactively changes of the amount of the booked rooms that achievements of the hotel or the length of stay of the guests wishes and the hotel agrees with that.

Calculations of the hotel without maturity date are within 10 days from access of the calculation payable without deduction. The hotel is entitled to place up run demands always duy and to demand immediate payments. In default, the hotel is entitled, the respectively valid legal delay interests in height of presently 8 points and/or in right businesses at which a consumer is involved to demand in the amount of 5 points over the basis interest rate. The proof of a higher damage remains reserve the hotel. In overdue calculations, it reserves itself the hotel to write off the belated sum of the guarantee credit card.

The hotel is entitled, in contract expiry or after that, under consideration of the legal determinations for package holidays to demand an appropriate advance payment or security achievement. The height of the advance payment and the payment appointments can be arranged in the contract written.

The customer can balance only with an indisputable or legally valid demand vis-à-vis a demand of the hotel and inferior.

§4 resignations of the customer (i. e. Abbestellung, cancellation) / not utilization of the achievements of the hotel
1. A resignation of the customer of the contract closed with the hotel needs the written approval of the hotel. If this does not result, the arranged price is to be paid out of the contract also then if the customer does not use achievements contractual. This does not count in cases of the achievement delay of the hotel or one of it to representing impossibilities of the achievement provision.

2. As far as between the hotel and the customer was nothing arranged other written, the customer can resign until three days before the arrival day 18:00 clock of the contract (in long-term stays amounts to the time period five days before the arrival day) without releasing payment claims or compensation claims of the hotel. To following fair times, the customer can resign until 30 days before the arrival day of the contract.

Annually in the summer to the world festival of the horse sport CHIO Aachen
Annually in the spring to the Euregio economy show

The resignation right of the customer goes out if he does not exercise its right to the resignation to the arranged appointment in writing vis-à-vis the hotel, as far as a case of the resignation of the customer does not exist in accordance with § 1 sentence 3.

3. In rooms taken by the customer in claim, the hotel has not the revenue out of other rental of the rooms as well as the saved expenses to credit.

4. It stands the hotel free to demand the contractually arranged compensation and the deduction for saved expenses to pauschalieren. The customer is obligated in this case, 80% of the contractually arranged price for overnight stay with or without paying breakfast. The proof stands the customer free that the claim named above did not emerge or not in the demanded height.

§5 Resignations of the hotel
As far as a free of cost resignation right of the customer was arranged within a certain time period written, the hotel in this period is entitled to resign of the contract if inquiries of other customers exist after the contractual booked rooms and the customer does not forgo query of the hotel on its right to the resignation.

If an arranged becomes or above in accordance with § 3 no. 6 demanded advance payment also after slipping away of an extension set appropriate by the hotel performed, the hotel is not entitled also to the resignation of the contract.

Furthermore the hotel is entitled to resign for objectively justifiable reason of the contract extraordinarily, for example if
higher force or other circumstances to be represented by the hotel the fulfillment of the contract impossibly do not make;
Room under misleading or incorrect statement of essential facts, for example in the person of the customer or the for the purpose of, booked become;
The hotel occasion established to the acceptance has that the utilization of the hotel achievement is to be assigned the smooth business, that can endanger security or the appearance of the hotel in the public, without that this to the domination area and/or organization area of the hotel.
An offence against above §1 no. 2 exists.

In justified resignation of the hotel, no claim of the customer emerges on compensation.

§6 Room provisions, -deliver and -return
The customer acquires no claim to the provision of certain rooms.

Booked rooms are available the customer from 14:00 clock of the arranged travel floor. The customer has no claim to earlier provision.

At the arranged departure day, the rooms are cleared the hotel at the latest around 11:00 clock to make available. After that the hotel can take its vertragsüberschreitende utilization of 100% the full Logispreises (list price) into account based on the belated clearance of the room. Contractual claims of the customer are not established hereby. It stands it free, to prove that the hotel no or a claim lower substantially to utilization remuneration emerged.

§7 Liabilities of the hotel
The hotel sticks with the care of an orderly businessman for its obligations out of the contract. If addressed the customer on compensation are excluded. Hereof excluded are damages out of the injury life, the body or the health if the hotel has to represent the breach of duty, other damages, that be based upon an intentional or coarsely careless breach of duty the hotel, and damages that be based upon an intentional or careless injury of contract typical duties the hotel. That of a legal representative or fulfillment assistant stands a breach of duty of the hotel same. If interferences or lack of achievements of the hotel should appear, the hotel becomes would censure striven be in knowledge or on immediate the customer to provide for remedy. The customer is obligated to contribute that it reasonable, in order to remove the interference and to hold a possible damage slightly.

For brought in things, the hotel sticks the customer after the legal determinations, that is to the hundredfold of the room price, at most € 3,500, as well as for money, security and treasure to € 800: extinguish The liability claims if the customer does not make after attaining of the knowledge of loss, destruction or damage immediately the hotel notice (§ 703 BGB).

So far the customer a place place on a hotel parking lot, also against remuneration, to the decree placed becomes, comes through it no custody contract into being. In Abhandenkommen or damage on the hotel plot of land of turned down or ranked motor vehicles and its contents, the hotel does not stick, except in design or coarse carelessness.

Roll orders are carried out of the hotel with large care.
Messages, postal service and its shipments for the guests are treated with care. The hotel receives the delivery, storage and – by request – against remuneration the forwarding of that. Compensation talk except because of coarse carelessness or design, are excluded.

§8 End determinations
Changes or supplements of the contract, the proposal acceptance or these business conditions for the hotel reception must result in writing. One-sided changes or supplements through the customer are ineffectual.

Fulfillment place and payment place is the seat of the hotel.

Exclusive jurisdiction – also for check disputes and change disputes – is in the commercial traffic of Aachen. As far as a contractual partner the prerequisite the § 38 sec. 2 ZPO fulfills and has no general jurisdiction in the inland, counts as a jurisdiction Aachen.

German right counts. The use of the UN Kaufrechts and the Kollisionsrechts is excluded.

If single determinations of this general business condition should be or become ineffectual or void for the hotel reception, the effectiveness of the remaining determinations is not touched through it. In the remaining, the legal directions count.